New Ambassador, Tracy Hulse


Tracy Hulse is a hardworking mom of two teen sons – Hunter, 19, and Hayden, 17. This busy lady not only takes care of her own family, but others too operating assisted living facilities for the elderly. After struggling with excess weight for many years, she decided to take a little extra care of herself and gave FreeLife a try. She lost weight, feels happier than she has in years and now runs her own successful FreeLife business. In fact, in just her third full month in the business, Tracy achieved the title of Ambassador and received a check of over $2,800 that month! Learn how she did it!

FreeLife: Who introduced you to FreeLife?

Hulse2Dave and Mary Taylor introduced me to FreeLife. Dave actually stalked me on LinkedIn, haha. I’ve always been attracted to weight loss products, as I have been heavy for far too long. I attended a Transformation Party in Twin Falls Idaho several months after Dave first invited me, and signed up on the spot. I’ve been running with my team ever since!

FL: What is it about the TAI60 System that works for you?

I love the whole TAI60 Weight Loss System – TAIslim Liquid, the SHAKEs, and the SKINNYs. It works all together like our team does, and we need each product to complete the system.

FL: What has FreeLife done for you on a wellness level?

I have lost 17 pounds, gained enormous amounts of energy and feel happier than I have for a long time. In 24 months, I will definitely be at my ideal weight and working on maintenance, still getting my product for free.

FL: Aside from the health aspect, how as the company changed your life?

The company has brought the most amazing people into my life. The Taylors, the Romrells, and other new team members have enhanced my life in a very positive way. They are very fun to work with. The company has such a great outlook on life in general.

FL: What motivates you to keep going?

My “big why” is to lose weight and get the product free, but helping others get healthy is a huge reason too. I stay inspired each day by keeping in touch with our social media pages and experiencing the benefits of the products. My favorite inspiration is reading about the success of others and seeing the amazing health transformations in their lives.

FL: What’s the secret to your success?

My business success can only be attributed to one thing and that is the team I work with. From my upline who guides, trains, and laughs with me, to my downline who works hard with me. All of us together equals success. I think the most important thing I do in my business each day is talk to at least three people about FreeLife products. Even if people do not try the products, they know what I am doing to get healthy. Eventually, word of mouth will propel our business. I will still be sharing the products with as many people as I can get the information too with an amazingly huge, wealthy team!

FL: What one tip would you give others?

One success lesson is work with your leaders in the company as they are your “guides” and offer a wealth of information. They have gone through everything you are experiencing, so just listen and follow in their footsteps – they have the answers already. You don’t have to reinvent anything! And remember, be positive, share wherever you go and experience the products to write your own story.

I am blessed to have FreeLife as a part of my life now!