Take Action Now!


I love the energy in that statement. Take action now! It is so encompassing of what every engaged leader in FreeLife® is doing right now. Regardless of where you are in your business, the FreeLife opportunity has never been more exciting as we embark on our five year 2020 Vision to become the “World-wide leader in Healthy Weight Loss and Wellness”. For those who take action now, the next five years represent an opportunity to capture the spirit and momentum of our scientifically validated, double patented, TAIslim® Total Body System. In addition, we offer our exclusive scientifically validated Himalayan Goji Juice®, GoChi® and Jule of the Orient® as well as all the other products in our family of brands to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. And finally, with our perfectly balanced and lucrative compensation plan and our experienced management team, you truly have an opportunity that you know in your heart can transform lives for the better.

All of the pieces to your success are in place with FreeLife. The key ingredient now is YOU. What action will you take over the next 90 days to move in the direction of your dreams, whatever they may be? If you were to ask me what are the two most important and fundamental business building actions too consistently take I would tell you it’s sharing the FreeLife story and getting your new Marketing Executives off to a fast start.   Success lies in our ability to effectively share the FreeLife story of “Healthy Weight Loss, Wellness and Abundance” with a sufficient number of people and duplicate that action throughout your organization. Using the FreeLife tools such as the newly updated Transformation Presentation Book, our FreeLife mobile App and our product and opportunity video’s make it simpler than ever before to share FreeLife.

Using the Presentation book and the TAI60 App takes the guesswork out of knowing what information to provide and what to say when sharing FreeLife with prospects. These tools enable everyone to be the messenger instead of having to create the message of what to say when sharing FreeLife with others. Our new, updated Transformation Book is the most powerful tool I believe we have had in our 20 year history to help you share the FreeLife story. It’s effective and tested by our top leaders in the field. The TAI60 Mobile App is another great tool that contains concise product information, videos of our top selling products, TAI60 Transformation Success Stories and the Power of the FreeLife Opportunity Video. It can be used to introduce people to FreeLife and is also a great follow-up tool to give a prospect after they have seen the Transformation presentation. Remember the old saying; the fortune is in the follow-up!

Our updated Getting Started Guide and Fast Track Checklist will help your new Marketing Executive get off to a fast start around the correct activities that will help them grow a life-long business. The Getting Started Training guide focuses you on our powerful three step success system of Experience, Share and Achieve. Experience FreeLife’s Products; Share the products and opportunity with others; and Achieve Fast Track, Super Fast Track and the Lux Car. Growth deep into your organization comes from teaching others how to use these tools and developing duplication. Teaching others through your example and your support are the key to helping others gain the confidence to use the tools.

To help you with this, we launched two excellent webinars that are in your FreeLife back office. The first, by RIs Garth and Any Romrell, is a webinar on how to give a presentation using the Transformation Presentation Book. The second, by RIs Brian and Jill Roach, is a webinar on how to take a new Marketing Executive through the Getting Started Training guide. Both will be invaluable tools for you to learn from and teach others.

The combination of consistently using the Transformation Presentation Book, the TAI60 App and the Getting Started Training, teaching others to do the same thing and effectively following up with your prospects will put you on the path to success in your FreeLife business.

In health and abundance,

Kevin Fournier

Kevin Sign Informal

Co-Founder and President