Weight Loss Leads to Joy and Happiness

Mark Carpenter

Hi. I’m Mark Carpenter and this is my transformation story. My wife and I have tried many different diets and plans to exercise and get into better shape over the years. We love being active but it wasn’t enough to keep the pounds from adding on.

We had no success until we were introduced to FreeLife and the TAI60 Transformation Total Body System. We are so very grateful for the people who reached out to share with us this treasure.

FreeLife gave me the best products, science and system imaginable. Finally!! The vehicle I was looking for to change my life! When I saw the science that backed up their claims, I knew I had a winner. I jumped in with both feet. Within days I was seeing results.

After 3 weeks, I went and bought some skinny jeans. Soon, they were hanging on my hips and too big. I have donated all my XL shirts and most of my large ones.

In the first 60 days, I lost over 20 lbs and 22 ½ inches overall, with over 4 inches of that off my belly. The health benefits that I have experienced are fabulous. I sleep so much better and deeply. My energy is always there. Mentally, having experienced success with this has given me a wonderfully powerful confidence that I will never go back to being over weight and that unhealthy again. Emotionally, through the whole experience, it has deepened my joy, increased my happiness and expanded my patience.