A New Man, Mentally and Physically

Chris Nordsieck

My name is Chris Nordsieck and this is my TAI60 Transformation Story.

I entered the TAI60 Transformation Contest because I realized that I did not have enough energy to keep up with my four kids! I realized that I needed to take action when I went to tie my shoes and I couldn’t breathe.

While being on this life changing transformation I have had many improvements. Physically, I feel lighter. I am constantly jumping over things because it makes me happy that I can! Emotionally, I feel happy and energized about life. My wife has mentioned that I am less moody and I will have to agree and now I have more energy throughout the day. Lastly, mentally, I have also been changed. I wake up excited and ready for the day and I feel full of life!

My life feels amazing and I will continue the system to maintain because I am not going back to the man I used to be!