New Dad Finds Weight Loss Simple and Enjoyable


My name is Jeffrey Johnson and this is my TAI60 Transformation Story.

After 8 years of marriage and gaining 50 lbs I knew I needed to change. I desired more and my wife deserved someone better. I just became a dad at 32 years old and I knew the dad I wanted to become.

Most of my weight gain came following a surprise brain surgery 6 years ago but my wife and I constantly chuckle about me using that as a crutch 6 years later. After choosing to start the TAI60 Transformation, my wife didn’t recognize me or my change in attitude. I mentally had chosen to succeed. I chose salads instead of pizza and a shake instead of burgers. Needless to say she was very impressed.

Personally, I was thinking this isn’t that hard with such a great product that tastes great and takes away the hunger pains that I always felt during previous dietary plans. After the 1st month, I started to notice physical changes also. Pants and shirts that I had stored in my closet for years started to fit and I started to feel healthier, lighter, and more energized. Eating healthy and exercising in the morning before work became more of a desire than a burden.

I have tried multiple diets/workout plans in the past but none turned becoming healthier and losing weight so simple, clear, and enjoyable. Two months into the transformation I feel healthier after losing 5.5 inches off my waist, 30 pounds in weight loss, and an entirely new outlook on life. My family still doesn’t recognize me and my wife is getting back the husband she married as we enjoy raising our new baby girl!