Proud to Take Compliments Again


My name is Shelly Cole and this is my TAI60 Transformation Story!

I’m not good admitting that I FAILED. But I DID! I FAILED at taking care of myself! I am also very good at taking care of everyone else while ignoring how I feel. I picked up very bad habits and choices that took a toll on my body. I really didn’t want prescriptions so I put the fear of trying yet another diet product on the back burner and finally listened to a dear friend who had lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks and it DID have a money back guarantee, what did I have to lose….little did I know then….but 30 pounds now….that’s what I had to lose. And still going!!!

One of the hardest things is learning to take a compliment again and being proud of myself. I’m learning every day that my health is so valuable and I feel so good to go ahead and take the compliment, say thank you, and be grateful and humble at all times.