Our Youngest Royal Ambassador!

NEW ROYAL AMBASSADOR EMMANUEL “Noel” LOPEZ:  FreeLife’s Youngest Royal Ambassador!

Emmanuel Lopez or Noel dreamt of being a professional singer. As early as five years old, he was already performing in front of an audience, knowing that he would one day become a singer. Never had he thought that many years later, he would be hailed, as the youngest Royal Ambassador of FreeLife!

Emmanuel LopezSo who is Noel anyway?  Noel is known to all to be the fair, handsome, charismatic Marketing Executive of FreeLife Philippines (FLP). He is tagged as FLP’s Peter Pan who always carries a ready smile on his face and the one who would turn events into chaos (in a positive way!) with his spontaneous, high energy, carefree way of doing things.  For those who don’t know Noel, he actually has two distinct sides to his personality: the funny, high energy side & the serious, persistent side. Simply put, those are Noel’s FUN vis-a-vis WORK personalities.

Noel’s fun side certainly stems from his passion for music where he sings many songs from different genres and sings them anytime and anywhere. He loves speaking in public as well as travelling around the world. He is also known as the guy who has a fully-booked, overlapping schedule with many things going on at one time. Noel is non-stop and has a boundless energy that is literally contagious.

How did Noel become a Royal Ambassadorship?

Emmanuel or Noel, is the youngest in the brood of five and was a child lovingly pampered by his parents, “Nanay Ame” and “Tatay Emong”. His four (4) older siblings, Nica, Edgie, Rara & Guia, didn’t love him any less. It was their pampering love and attention which motivated him to persevere, excel and deliver so he could someday give back to his family the love and attention he had been enjoying all his life. But growing up also had its challenges as Noel was bullied as a young child.  But those experiences ONLY made him stronger and the man he is today.

Noel came to know about FreeLife in 2006 and his enrollment was not something he was very excited about in the beginning.  His then “would be” mother-in-law, saw the business opportunity as an avenue to raise funds for Noel’s and her daughter’s wedding. Networking was not something Noel had ever considered.  He was already very busy as a registered nurse and was employed in one of the prestigious medical hospitals in the Philippines. Reluctantly, (afraid of disappointing his then girlfriend and would be mother-in-law), Noel started familiarizing himself with the FreeLife business and slowly began to understand the product and the significance of the opportunity. His belief in the products, specifically Goji, was eternally sealed when the heart health of his father, Tatay Emong improved.  But just when things were starting to look promising, Noel’s girlfriend broke off with him which caused three long years of pain and grief.

A man in his situation may have given up on his FreeLife business because it would constantly remind him of the previous girlfriend he loved. Noel Lopez though is no ordinary guy! He used his pain as a motivational tool and challenged himself towards the achievement of his dreams and ambitions. Admittedly from the start, he only wanted his ex-girlfriend to realize what she had given up, but fate has its own way of turning things around.   In just seven (7) short months after his enrolment (and 2 months after the unfortunate break up), Noel officially became an Ambassador with Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (about $4,500) in commissions! This was more than the proof he needed in convincing himself that there is more to life than being a registered nurse. He said to himself “There is no other company or industry which would be able to make my dreams come true but FreeLife.”

Emmanuel_Lopez_LUX_022015 marks Noel’s 9th year in the business and he is now FreeLife’s youngest Royal Ambassador! Family, pain, ambition & spirituality helped him through the many years of successes and failures. Just like any leader in the business, he has lost people; his organization has had its ups and downs; financial and personal problems have peeked in from time to time; but none of these has caused him to give up or slow down at the least. He in fact, did not go any lower than the Ambassador title in the past 9 years. This in itself was already a huge achievement for Noel!

From the words of the Royal Ambassador himself: “I have been living the life of a Royal Ambassador already. I claimed it for myself, a long time ago, because this is what I wanted to be, not only for myself but for everyone in FreeLife. Attaining this title is the actual affirmation & official declaration of the opportunities and abundance FreeLife has to offer to everyone, but only if you believe!! My Royal Ambassadorship furthermore, imparts to everyone that THIS CAN actually happen and if I was able to do it then so can they. I am aware that this will mean bigger responsibilities and more work but what I am seeing right now are the possibilities way beyond the attainment of the title. My being a RA could inspire those that come before me to excel further & achieve more; for those that came alongside me to compete and see success; and for those that come after me to dream and persevere because they too can be a RA, like me someday.”

Noel further adds; “There are so many possibilities ahead now that I am a Royal Ambassador. I will be able to attract more leaders; I can have greater positive influence; and many more will be inclined to listen. Royal Ambassadorship will help me reach out to more people to whom I can share FreeLife’s mission and the business opportunity. All these, would not only contribute to my advancement but would also give me greater chances of giving back to my family. I am so happy and blessed with the support and assistance accorded to me by our company and our executives who never failed to show me and everyone else, that we are all significant to the entire FreeLife organization.”

When asked, “What do you think is the key reason for your success?”  Noel Lopez exclaimed, “I was born in the technology era and I see this as my biggest edge because I am able to maximize FreeLife’s presence in all forms of social media. I am going to make full use of it in making sure that FreeLife Philippines conquers a bigger market in the Asia Pacific…… I am not going to stop dreaming and believing that I CAN, that WE CAN!… I can still become a “Global Superstar”.….then a Presidential RA, and a happily married man at 35.”