The Lifeblood of Growth!


We are in the business of improving lives! We serve others when we share the good health associated with FreeLife’s products. We serve others when we share the abundance associated with FreeLife’s Compensation Plan. We serve others when we replace fear and uncertainty with a sense of hope and optimism for the future. The more people we serve, the more lives we change. The more people you serve, the larger your organization, and the larger your income.

It’s simple to understand and highlights what I believe is the lifeblood of growth for your FreeLife organization; Enrolling new Marketing Executives (MEs) with a Quick Start Pack and new Advantage Customers (ACs) with one of our product packs.

Enrolling a new ME or AC begins with starting a conversation that can help you identify the areas in someone’s life that they would like to improve. Maybe it’s losing weight, having more energy or feeling healthier. Maybe you uncover a financial issue in your conversation such as job dissatisfaction, financial struggles, or a specific need, like paying for a child’s education. There are a myriad of needs you will discover from a conversation. By focusing on helping people, you can show them how FreeLife can be the answer to some of their needs.

3 Simple Formulas:

  1. The more people you talk to, the more ACs you will enroll and the more people you will help feel and look better!
  2. The more people you talk to, the more MEs you will enroll and the more people you will help create abundance in their life!
  3. The more MEs you enroll, the more people you’ll have in your leadership development pipeline and the greater opportunity you’ll have to find those one or two inspired leaders to work with!

Enrolling is the lifeblood of growth. You simply cannot grow without it and one must understand that the speed of the group is the speed of the leader. If you enroll and consistently get into the Transformation Weekly Bonus Pool, you’ll be setting a strong example and tone throughout your organization that consistent enrolling is a top priority.

Not only will developing an enrolling culture in your organization have a powerful impact on your growth, but it will provide an enormous sense of fulfillment and joy as you see people’s lives improve!

Just look at a few ways that enrolling can have a positive impact on your FreeLife business:

  1. Every time you enroll a new ME or AC, you are sharing the GIFT of health and abundance. Think about how life changing YOU can be to someone else when you share those gifts.
  2. A new enrollment is another potential success story that will inspire others in your organization. Remember, every story creates what I call a “leverage point of inspiration.” A new story that someone can relate to and be inspired from.
  3. A new ME enrollment can be the birth of a new leader. Any day can be that day when you find that new leader who becomes a SDIV, an Ambassador and even a Royal Ambassador in the future. Enrolling new MEs keeps your leadership pipeline full of potential new leaders.
  4. Every new ME or AC enrollment means there are at least 50 more new people for you to help contact about FreeLife. In fact, most people know several hundred people so each time you enroll someone new, they will know many people who can benefit from FreeLife.
  5. Every new enrollment can re-inspire you! If you’re feeling uninspired at any time, the best way to get re-inspired is to enroll a new ME or AC.
  6. Every new enrollment is another potential TAI60 Transformation contest winner.
  7. Every new enrollment gives you another opportunity to continually get better at handling objections, helping people uncover their why, completing a getting started training etc.
  8. It sets the correct example and expectation for your entire organization.

So as you move forward each month, make it a goal to enroll a minimum of either two new MEs, two new ACs or any combination of the two. Enrolling is not only the lifeblood of growth, it’s the only way for your organization to grow.