18 Year Marketing Executive Is All In!

Hi FreeLife Friends,

BoiceI’m Dr. Sandy Boice, PhD in Clinical Nutrition, Royal Ambassador I, and thrilled to be coming up to my 18th anniversary as a full time Marketing Executive and product advocate with FreeLife International. Before joining FreeLife, I served the wellness industry as an author, seminar trainer, and radio personality as well as product developer.

When a friend in the industry introduced me to FreeLife products, I quickly noted the amazing science and proprietary ingredients and processes that could improve nutritional delivery in our bodies, and I WAS IN! As I continued to understand the distributor side of the business, I realized that I could have time and location freedom while helping so many more people than time would ever allow in an office.

While working with patients was so rewarding, my lifestyle suffered as I continued to add more office hours as the only way to increase my income.  I found myself working more and more hours to earn an income that my schedule allowed no time to enjoy.  Again the opportunity to live a FREE LIFE thrilled me and I WAS IN!

 The difference between attaining my goals and still wishing I could was the fact that I was ALL IN. I understood the concept of residual income and the massive benefits of both leveraging my time and having the FreeLife wellness line to keep me healthy in order to enjoy my lifestyle.

I also believe in the concept of sowing and reaping. I knew that helping enough people get what they want would translate into my own dreams coming true. That is a wonderful truth that works best in our industry, and particularly with FreeLife, because our corporate infrastructure keeps the products and checks flowing beautifully. What a wonderful way to make a living. Although I’ve attained many goals in my Freelife career, I still strive to provide the best product knowledge and financial opportunity for our team as well as setting an example of how a successful Freelife business can offer many benefits most people will never have the opportunity to attain in “real life.”

I’m thrilled to drive a beautiful luxury car paid for by Freelife. And what I love most is that we have a LUX (luxury) Car Program that is very attainable for anyone. Most companies only provide a car bonus for their top income earners. We provide a car bonus at a very attainable level so that our Marketing Executives can enjoy driving their dream car for FREE! I drive a Cadillac Esclade EXT through our Lux Car Program and I LOVE IT! I receive so many compliments on it, and then I ask if they would like to drive one for FREE.

I think the secret to success in Freelife is to first be ALL IN and then have fun while providing a drama free exciting atmosphere for your team. Remember, you can only help people attain goals who have goals. Work with goal setters and help them become goal getters. The bigger the better. All things are possible!

Of course a leader only becomes successful because they work in concert with a fantastic TEAM of like-minded business builders.  I’m so grateful to have the best team possible and appreciate each and everyone of them. Thanks as always to our amazing President, Kevin Fournier for making it all happen, and my enrollers Brian and Jill Roach who always support our team with knowledge and enthusiasm.

Dr. Sandy