Royal Ambassador’s, Nicasio and Gemma Ko


For Nicasio and Gemma Ko, FreeLife has been a source of relief in more ways than one. First impressed by the results of Himalayan Goji Juice® on their daughter’s wellbeing, FreeLife® quickly became a lucrative business opportunity.

FreeLife: What first attracted you to FreeLife?

We were searching the Internet seeking a product to help our daughter’s wellbeing. We found Himalayan Goji Juice and were fascinated by the results we saw and quickly became interested in the compensation plan, and the social commitment of the company through GojiKids®. When FreeLife visited the Philippines in September of 2004 we decided to enroll and become Marketing Executives.

FL: What do you do for a living aside from being a FreeLife Royal Ambassador?

By trade I’m a Chemical Engineer with Pilipinas Shell, but FreeLife has been our family business for 11 years, and it’s one we can always rely on. We get paid on time, each month, according to our efforts.

FL: What is your big “WHY” for building your FreeLife Business?

We do this with our family, and for our family. It puts good food on our table, provides us with a beautiful SUV with FreeLife’s Lux Car Program and allows our children the opportunity to graduate from prestigious schools.

FL: What do you attribute your business success to?

We truly believe that one becomes a true success by helping others to be successful. Seeing the success of others is what inspires and motivates us to talk to everyone who approaches us about FreeLife. We have a “never stop growing” attitude towards the business.

FL: Of all of FreeLife’s products, which of them is your favorite?

We love Jule of the Orient® and believe to have experienced all of its researched benefits.

FL: Where do you see your FreeLife business in the next 24 months?

In the next 24 months we WILL be Royal Ambassador III’s.

FL: For others who want to get to where you are, what advice would you give them?

We must set an example. We must be the leaders that we want others to become. People do what they see.