Get Off to a Fast Start!

Royal Ambassador I’s, Brian & Jill Roach

RoachesMainAll of us tell stories about ourselves. Stories define us. And in FreeLife, there is no more important story than a new Marketing Executive’s “Getting Started” story. As the Enroller of a new Marketing Executive, it is imperative that you immediately go through some simple, specific getting started steps with them, so that the story of their beginning in FreeLife is one of success!

Let’s fast forward 90 days into a new Marketing Executive’s business, and think for a moment about the story they are going to repeat numerous times to others as they share the FreeLife products and opportunity. Will it be a story of success and how they got off to a great start in their FreeLife business by achieving Fast Track, Super Fast Track & beyond? Or, will it be a story of regret, about how they let an incredible opportunity pass them by?

You must accept this reality; In a Marketing Executive’s first 30-60-90 days, a story will have been written about their FreeLife business. The great news is that you can absolutely influence, even control what that story will be. How? By utilizing two simple tools FreeLife has available:

    1. The Fast Track Guide
    2. The Getting Started Training

As the Enroller, you are the guide, the coach for your new Marketing Executive. Therefore, the responsibility lies with you to help your new partner get off to a fast, successful start. It is easier and a lot more fun to build fast rather than slow. Work with a sense of urgency! Quick success leads to confidence, which leads to more success!

Here’s a key point: What matters is what duplicates! Therefore, the Fast Track Guide must be completed at the time of enrollment or within 24 hours! Keep it simple, focused and follow the system: Experience, Share, and Achieve. Going over the Fast Track Guide should only take 15-20 minutes. This leads to your new Marketing Executive being empowered! Additionally, the new Marketing Executive sees how simple it is, and that they can do it with their new Marketing Executives too.

Have all of your new Marketing Executives begin to establish their WHY which is their reason for building a FreeLife business, their calendar which is WHEN they’re going to work their FreeLife business, and their list which is WHO are they are going to talk to about FreeLife.

The next step is to direct them to the Getting Started Training document to assist them in expanding on their WHY, and to further develop their contact list. Then, set a time to go over their list and begin to contact people with them. Your goal is to assist them to enroll 3 Marketing Executives with a Quick Start Pack and achieve Fast Track as soon as possible. Always leave your new Marketing Executive with their next step.

Remember, the clock begins ticking for every new Marketing Executive at the moment of enrollment. The importance of how you execute the first few months cannot be overstated. Set the pace, build momentum and follow the system of Experience, Share and Achieve! Their ability and willingness to begin strong is ultimately about choice. It’s about them deciding that it will be so, and then making the commitment to just do it! By going through these beginning steps with every new Marketing Executive you enroll, you immensely influence their confidence and commitment.

We hope this piece serves you well. Please share it so that your team members can benefit too. Let’s make 2015 breathtakingly great TOGETHER!