Ambassador Emerald, Kay Cox


When Kay Cox began using the TAIslim system, he never imagined how much his life would change. What began as a way to lose a few pounds turned into a more fulfilling journey filled with better health, more than 45 pounds lost and the ability to take control of his finances. Hear how Kay is finally living the FreeLife in his own words.

FreeLife: How did you first hear about FreeLife and what made you decide to give us a try?

KayCox2My good friend Garth Romrell introduced us to Freelife. I told him no several times, but I’m glad his persistence and confidence overcame my doubts!

I was impressed with the taste! I initially ordered some for my wife, Susan, who hated the taste of another shake I was trying. She liked it so I tried it and decided to switch. Then I learned the science behind the system and started using it seriously and benefited with life changing results.

FL: Tell us more about your weight loss results

We enrolled Oct 1, 2014 with a Gold Pack. A few days later I started watching calories and was diligent with the system. Each day I was motivated by the progress I followed on the scales. I started off at 50 pounds with 40% body fat or “grossly obese.” After losing 30 pounds, I weighed 220 with 31.7% body fat. If you do the math, all 30 pounds lost was fat! No muscle loss. During that time I didn’t exercise, and in less than 3 months I was down to 205 pounds. All total I lost 45 pounds and my body fat dropped to under 29%. I still have more weight to lose and hopefully reach an optimum body fat %.

FL: What was the most meaningful change for you after losing the weight?

I feel 10 years younger! As I walked to work one day I realized I was walking faster and with a sense of well-being. I felt like I could whip the world; instead of just “hoping to survive” another work day! I’m 61 years old now. Before I started using TAI60 I figured I would end up like all of my Dad’s brothers – with big bellies and dying of heart attacks! Some of them were in the hospital at the same time with heart problems. Now I can live healthily for many additional years doing things that I love to do. I will be able to share far more time with my wife, kids, grandkids, great grandkids, etc. You can’t put a price on that. If older people knew how much different they would feel, they would beg us to remember and contact them. Be persistent and confident enough to overcome their doubts!

FL: In addition to FreeLife, you have several other businesses, but have been struggling to keep them going. How has FreeLife changed that?

I own and operate two businesses: Disaster Clean-Up of Wyoming and Teton ChemDry. The past few years have included several financial setbacks for my businesses which resulted in us losing our home and almost losing our business assets. When the economy turned bad I tried to keep our employees working and downsized too late. I planned to work into my 70s or 80s with no prospect for a graceful retirement. I likely would not ever be out of debt.

When Garth Romrell asked me what I hoped to achieve by sharing Freelife with others I responded that I just hoped to get out of debt, but now my vision has changed on a monthly basis. I car qualified my first full month in the business.

FL: Tell us a little more about your financial freedom.

I became Ambassador my second full month and now am at Ambassador Emerald. In a little over four months of sharing the system with others I’ve been paid over $16,000 – direct deposited to my bank account. Exceeding what I’ve been able to draw from my other businesses combined! As we continue to build our FreeLife business my hope for the future has skyrocketed! I hope to be debt free within a year. We hope to have a nice home. We can save to serve missions for our church after retiring. We can also accumulate funds to go visit our kid’s families and be at important event in their lives. We are now taking charge of our lives instead of being a slave to our circumstances.

FL: What do you attribute your success to?

I attribute our business success to an easy to learn and follow system of “experiencing, sharing, and achieving.” Great leaders like Garth and Amy Romrell set the example for me. I also have the privilege of working with great team members.

FL: How will you use your business to help others?

I hope to empower others to make a difference in their health and finances by sharing, educating, and encouraging them with the FreeLife products and opportunity. I love people and will put their needs first whenever I can. FreeLife provides a way for me to live a fuller, successful life serving those around me.

FL: What advice would you offer someone to make their business a success?

The most important thing I do each day is pick up the phone and call someone to share or encourage. I love to learn and strategize with my up-line and down-line, and we encourage and help each other stay focused. Garth reminds us all that working fast is fun.