Ambassador IIID’s, Dave and Mary Taylor


Dave and Mary Taylor have experienced true freedom by running their FreeLife business full time. Outside of their business, Dave is an adjunct professor of business strategy at Brigham Young University at the Idaho campus. Within the next year they believe they’ll be at the Royal Ambassador level and will only keep moving up from there! Learn the secrets to their success!

FreeLife: What attracted you to FreeLife?
Garth and Amy Romrell introduced us to FreeLife and they have high credibility with us. We liked the way we observed them working their direct selling business – they really cared about people! The products provided exceptional results, and the compensation plan is top notch. FreeLife has tenure and credibility.

MaryTaylorFL: What products can’t you live without?
The TAIslim Total Body System, Jule, and Gochi. We use all of these products every day. We simply feel we have turned back the clock a couple of decades. Initially, Mary lost 24 inches and 2 pant sizes in about 6 weeks and I lost 35 pounds and 4 inches around the belly in 60 days. We have both experienced dramatic improvements to our overall health and energy and have successfully maintained our weight.

FL: How has the Freelife opportunity impacted your life the most?
It’s really restored financial hope for the future!

FL: What is your “Big Why” for building a Freelife business?
We love serving others by helping them with their health and income. This creates wealth for us, which will allow us to adequately prepare for retirement.

FL: What do you attribute your business success to?
We have tremendous support and coaching from Garth and Amy Romrell. We work hard, have been able to attract great team members, and we put our heart and energy into helping those team members succeed.

FL: What is the most important thing you do in your business each day?
Always search for new team members and support existing team members.

FL: What is one success lesson you’ve learned that would help others in building their Freelife business?
Take a long-term perspective. This is like any other business in that it takes persistence and hard work over time. But the potential upside and opportunity for long-term residual income on a very small startup investment is very unusual. And, you get to make your living doing something that truly makes a difference in the lives of others.